150+ Good Night Quotes For Sweet Dreams


❣️ Good Night Quotes for Love ❣️

I love that
you are the last person
I want to talk to before
I go to sleep at night.
Good Night Love ❣️

πŸ’ Good Night Quotes for Someone Special πŸ’

I wish I was there to hold you tight,
instead of just sending you this loving
“Good Night” πŸ’

😝 Good Night Quotes Funny 😝

Good night!
Please don’t show up in my dream;
I don’t want a nightmare tonight.😝

😊 Good Night Attitude Quotes 😊

You Don’t Need To Be Perfect
You Need To Be Original.
Good Night 😊

🀝 Good Night Quotes Friends 🀝

It feels great to have someone to
wish good night before we go to sleep.
For me, it’s a double pleasure because
that someone is my best friend.
Good night! 🀠

Good Night Quotes Smile

Life Only Comes Around Once,
So Do What Makes You Happy,
And Be Around People
Who Make You Smile.
!! Good Night !!

Good Night Quotes for Him

I know it’s not true,
but my heart still believes that
the moon shines for just me and U.
β€œ Good night ”

Good Night Quotes Life

When Life Gets Too
Overwhelming, Just Look Up
At The Night Sky And Lose Yourself.
” Good Night “

Good Night Quotes for Her

Listen to the night sky;
the mockingbird always sings you
my lullaby.
Good Night

Quotes For Good Night

Keep Your Worries Aside And Follow
The Night With New Thoughts.
” Good Night “

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